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Mechanical Solutions

You may need help with design or fabrication of parts for a modification on your equipment. I have many years of experience in Alaska Aviation Flying, maintenance, authorized inspections for the FAA and modifications of aircraft. One of my specialties was to fly into wrecked aircraft get them ready to fly and bring them back home. I have built two houses, did the wiring and pluming and some design. I have an International truck that is a 1971 vintage. It now has new wiring, instrument panel and a header system with a neat custom exhaust. It sounds good. I have the experience, know how, tools and a place to work on your project. Give me a call today... 760 272 9259

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Induction Filter Systems


Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/mo.
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Modified lawn mower  Induction System
 heat    high temp
 dirty air filter

What can we do for your engine? To the left is a lawn mower that operates in extreme dusty conditions. The engine needs protection from dirt, a destructive element for all engines. We remove the factory filter system, modify the connection to the carburetor and reinstall the carburetor connection for ducting. We use aircraft approved ducting. It is rugged and is lasting. A steel tube to fit the filter is installed at the end of the ducting and is mounted on the deck of the mower. A double filter system is installed on the end of the tube. These filters can be purchased at Auto Zone. It is a KN filter that can be cleaned and oiled for use again. Pull your starter rope and you are back to work again. Find out more at this link.

What hurts your engine most? Heat and Dirt will reduce engine life, spoil your day and rob you blind. Let us fix your dirt problem with a bullet proof induction and filter system on your engine. Call today!

The Lawn Mower is equipped with one of our unique money saving air filter systems. The best time to add this specialized equipment is when your engine is new! Let us check your engine to see if it qualifies for our filter system!

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 760 272 9259

Custom Instrument Panels

Install a freshly designed instrument panel with custom instruments, lighting and switching really sharpens up the interior of your loved vehicle or machine. This is one of my specialties. I have redesigned the interior of aircraft, trucks and cars with new custom instruments and lighting.  Optional instruments and lighting make your cab spectacular. You can be a proud owner of your new look on the block, the next street rod show or parade will be honored to have your car as a show piece. Can I do something for you? Email Me

Added instrutment panel and switching
front of truck with winch and Led lighting

Best of Oils

Authorized Amsoil Dealer

No custom shop would be compete with out the best synthetic oil for your special equipment.Best Oils equals Amsoil. Amsoil has a lab to produce the finest products and has synthetic oil for just about every kind of machine. Harley guys love the special products produced especially for their bikes. Diesel synthetic lubrication products are available before and after the 2007 emission changes. All oils are equal to or exceed OEM standard products. Start using Amsoil to day. Chick out Best of Oils. com. Got Lube for Dirt Bikes, RVs, Boats, Snow Machines, Haul Rigs, Transmissions, Small engines, and More.

Amsoil: Get a free catalog;    Buy wholesale;   Become a dealer!

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Southern California location. We ship anywhere in the USA.